Organizational Endorsers
A. Philip Randolph Institute, Seattle Chapter
American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Washington
Amnesty International

Art Forces
Behavioral Health & Wellness
Black Alliance of Thurston County
Black Education Strategy roundtable

Black Student Union of Evergreen State College, Tacoma Campus
Capital City Pride
Center for Justice
Church Council of Greater Seattle
Faith Action Network
Families United Against Hate
Green Party of South Puget Sound

Green Party of Washington

Interfaith Works Board of Directors
iUrban Teen
John T. Williams Organizing Coalition
Justice Not Jails
Kalikow Law Offices
Kent Black Action Commission
Latino Civic Alliance
League of Women Voters Thurston County
Mothers for Police Accountability
National Black Police Association
Olympia Chapter of the Japanese American Citizens League
Olympia Coalition to Reform Deadly Force

Olympia SURJ: Showing Up for Racial Justice
Peace and Justice Action League of Spokane
Point Defiance Aids Projects/North American Syringe Exchange Network

Public Defender Association
Re-Entry Council
Risen Faith Fellowship

Karen Lohman
Karen Tvedt
Kathy Baros Friedt - BATC Legislative Partner; Hispanic Roundtable; Unity in the Community; Dispute Resolution Center
Kathy Pruitt
Kerensa Mabwa
Krag Unsoeld
Lacey City Councilmember Virgil and Barbara Clarkson (BATC Co-Founder)
Leeann Tourtillott
Leslie Cushman (BATC Legislative Partner)
Leslie and Maury Hafford
Lisa Brodoff

Lisa Daugaard
Lynn Grotsky
Mandy Ryle
Marguerite Jones
Maria G. Ramirez
Mark Collins
Mary Timblin

Merritt Long
Michael Ramos - Greater Church Council of Seattle
Mindy Chambers
Miriam Alcantar
Naki Stevens
Nancy Welton
Nancy Lee Eastham
Nat and Dr. Thelma Jackson (BATC Co-Founder)
Noah Seidel
Pastor Don Davis, Bethel AME Church, Yakima, WA

Pastor Kenneth J. Ransfer, Sr. - Greater Mt. Baker Baptist Church
Patricia Dickason
Paul Benz
Penny Purkerson

Rabbl Seth Goldstein

Ray Adler
Regon Unsoeld
Renton City Councilmember Ed Prince

House Bill 1000 and Senate Bill 5000 Endorsed by:

Seattle Chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
Self Advocates in Leadership
Spokane NAACP
Standing Up to RacismTacoma-Pierce County Black Collective
The Arc of Washington State
The Black Law Enforcement Association of Washington
The Board of Directors of Interfaith Works
The Coalition of Black Trade Unionists of Pierce County Chapter
The Justice Coalition of the Olympia Unitarian Universalist Congregation
The United Churches of Olympia

Thurston County Progressives

Washington Community Action Network
Washington State Commission on African American Affairs
Washington State Independent Living Council
Washington State National Organization for Women
YWCA of Olympia
YWCA of Pierce County
YWCA of Spokane

Individual Endorsers
Alec and Gabi Clayton
Amelia Watson
Amy Lisa Breakwell
Amy Hoyte
Anne Sulton

Annie McManus
Apostle Jimmie James
Barnett Kalikow
Becky Liebman (BATC Legislative Partner)
Betty Hauser
Bill Fishburn
Bill Moore
Bishop Larry Robertson - Bremerton
Caitlin Krenn

Chris Gennese, Organizing Director, Washington CAN
Chris Stegman

Clinton and Bishop Charlotte Petty (BATC Co-Founder)
Daniel R. Enbysk
David Albert
David Artis, Vice Chair, Central Latino Board of Directors-Tacoma
Diana Prez
Dr. James B. Smith
Dr. Karen A. Johnson (BATC Co-Founder)
Duncan and Diana MacQuerie
E.J. Zita, Commissioner, Port of Olympia
Ed Holen, Executive Director, Developmental Disabilities Council

Ellen M. Sweetin
Emelyn Hauser
Emilio Vela
Emily Shier Hammargren
Erin Jones
Evan Ferber
Genevieve Cushman
Gerald Hankerson, NAACP Seattle Chapter
Gery Gerst
Gina Thompson
Glen Anderson
Hilarie Hauptman
Jamaal A. Bell
Jana Dean
Jay Westwind Wolf Hollingsworth
Jim Bamberger
Jo Thornton Curtz
Jodi Bernstein
Joe Tougas
Jolene Unsoeld
Judy Olmstead

Black Alliance of Thurston County

Rev. Dr. Paul A. Stoot, Sr. - Greater Trinity Church Washington State Baptist Convention
Rev. Wendy J. Taylor - United Church of Christ
Rick L. Williams, Native Carver
Rosalund Jenkins (BATC Co-Founder)
Ross Matteson
Roxane Waldron

Sara Patton
Sarah Stockholm
Scott Bishop
Senator Karen Fraser
Sharon Holly
Sherry Sullivan
Thad Curtz
The Rev. Dr. Tammy L. Stampfli
Thurston County Commissioner Sandra Romero
Vallerie Fisher
Vanessa Underwood (BATC Co-Founder)
Verlene Davis
Zoe Dailey

As of 1-30-2017
6:55 a.m.