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Pasco WA. 9.10.2016- "LCA disagrees with Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s decision not to file criminal charges against the three Pasco police officers, Ryan Flanagan, Adam Wright and Adrian Alaniz, that killed Antonio Zambrano Montes. We will use this situation to highlight the injustice of his death.

   "We have to be honest and face the truth that we have lost community members in our state to unnecessary violence by police officers. We have a broken system to hold officers accountable. How can oversight be provided when there is no leadership? " 

  "We are asking the hard working police officers that value their role in the community and risk their lives every day to join us to reform the laws you work under so that we restore the trust that has been broken."
  "The U.S. Justice Department and FBI need to better educate the public statewide the services they offer and how the public can report abuse practices by police. The process needs to provide assurance to anyone reporting that they are safe from retaliation and can trust the system."
   "LCA believes that in order to protect the sanctity of life that we need to evaluate all this RCW to make sure we are protecting the public, the suspects, and the police from violence."
   "We want police management, officers and police unions who are serving to be conscious of the different levels of fear that has been created by the very same people we are depending on to protect us.  The hostile environment in our communities can be avoided by ensuring that the profile of a police officer is someone that is capable of fulfilling such an important position." 

     "Washingtonians are expected to uphold the highest standards and be held accountable when we harm others or use unnecessary violence."
   "The President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing has called for collaboration between police and communities.  We agree and invite police to begin this partnership now." 

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Latino Civic Alliance (LCA) formed in 2005 is a statewide, nonpartisan, organization that promotes Latino/as to participate in civic engagement and advocacy in their communities. LCA advocates improved policies in education, healthcare, small business, public safety and labor. Firmly rooted in the belief that Latino/as and Washingtonians should have direct access to local public officials, state legislators and state government. LCA's main annual civic engagement event is "Latino Legislative Day" that is considered the largest political platform in WA. LCA Board Members reside in Pasco, Yakima, Seattle, Everett, Tacoma, Moses Lake, Federal Way, Burien, Mount Vernon and  other areas in the state. FOR MORE INFO:

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