Black Alliance of Thurston County

It's time to Fix Washington's Broken Law on the


​​​​​ACT TODAY!!
First, please watch this video to get a sense of what we are up against!
Second, ​Pass along the message below to all House & Senate Democrats & Republicans

Dear Washington State Democrats and Republicans:

An egregious, unjust use of deadly force law is no law at all.

Democrats: We are very disappointed that only a handful of you honored the “Resolution to Improve Community-Police Relations by Fostering Accountability and Public Trust” (adopted on June 18, 2016, at the Washington State Democratic Convention) and the Joint Legislative Use of Deadly Force in Community
Policing Task Force’s recommendation to remove malice and good faith from the statute. 

Armed with these two compacts, and a growing statewide coalition of supporters, we thought you had what you needed to fix our egregious justified homicide statute that grants de facto immunity to law enforcement when one unjustifiably, recklessly, and negligently takes a human life, as opposed to making honest mistakes in the course of protecting us and keeping us safe.

Yet, timing is everything. Thanks to the Governor and Attorney General, Washington State is recognized nationally for its stance on behalf of Washington’s immigrant community. You still have time to use your
power and authority to do the right thing for the remaining 6+ million Washingtonians regarding the use of deadly force by law enforcement.  

Republicans: How likely is any law enforcement officer in Washington State to help with the illegal roundup?
 If there is a remote chance of that happening by one, do you really want that occur under the color of our current, egregious use of deadly force law? God forbid!

We have a dream! Modify RCW 9A.16.040 to set an appropriate standard for the use of force and then see to training and funding as needed to support that standard. 

Imagine the national coverage: Unjustified Bans and Police Killings: NOT in Washington State!

What an amazing demonstration of justice and accountability that would be. 

Picture Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Progressives, nonpartisans, sheriffs, police chiefs, line officers and people of good will holding the justice and accountability banner high, together, shining the light on the professionalism and proper use of force by so many of our noble officers while supporting prosecution for those who don't. What a demonstration of blue courage that would be. 

We have a dream!

Courageous leadership is never easy, yet, it is always necessary. We do understand the pressure and politics surrounding this policy change, yet, we are faced with the fierce urgency of now. Incrementalism is not an option when it comes to protecting the sanctity of human life.

Democrats & Republican: One reason the Democrats lost control at the national level is because they
chose not to use their power when they had it to help the people they claimed to represent. Given the
narrow vote margins in both state houses, a shift in control could happen here if people do not feel valued,
respected and heard.

Be courageous, come together and fix this law. Act in alignment with your stated values.

We the People who will pursue a just use of deadly force law until justice rolls down as waters...

Call the Legislative Hotline: 1-800-562-6000

TTY for Hearing Impaired 1-800-635-9993